• Chief Executive Officer's Message

  • The Independent Schools Foundation Pre-School (The ISF Pre-School) is a unique, bilingual and bicultural learning institution for pre-school aged children in Hong Kong. Proudly independent, The ISF Pre-School offers a Chinese and English immersion education with a global perspective. Striking a balance between tradition and innovation, between China and the West, The ISF Pre-School offers a newly transformed, purpose-designed setting in its new campus; it is a vibrant, rich, and caring learning environment, where the power of experience to shape the future in these critically important formative years of childhood is well understood.

    At The ISF Pre-School, we believe that excellent learning reaches both the heart and the head. Ideally, it is both challenging and inspiring, balancing experiential challenges with the security of a rich, stimulating learning environment. Great learning charts the journey between aspiration and achievement; it instills values and virtues, inspires courage and commitment, and draws wisdom from experience. An ISF education values, nurtures, and celebrates the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of the human experience.

    The ISF Pre-School students are immersed in a learning environment that reflects those essential human values that form the philosophical foundation of our school: respect, compassion, balance, harmony, benevolence, commitment, courtesy, and integrity: these are the Eight Virtues + One. We hold ourselves accountable to practice these values daily, from small acts to big decisions. Our school culture, personal interactions, decisions, and ideas are all founded on these core values.

  • The ISF Pre-School community works together in a close-knit, cooperative partnership. Our young learners are cheerfully engaged and playfully inquisitive. They explore and experience the world around them, as they seek to understand more about themselves and others. Our parents are supportive of their children and are active, engaged participants in the learning process. Under the care of our highly experienced and qualified teachers, learning takes shape through play and guided activities. Together, we share these first steps in the learning journey of each ISF student, with its trials and challenges, as we work together to lay a solid foundation for future learning and success.

    Choosing the right school is one of the most important decisions you will make on behalf of your child. We are honored by the interest you have shown in The ISF Pre-School. Your decision to choose our school as the first for your child will always be treated with due respect. We look forward to welcoming you into The ISF ‘family’.


    Dr. Malcolm Pritchard 
    Chief Executive Officer