• Co-Curricular Activities

    Our Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) program offers Pre-School students opportunities to cultivate their creativity and imagination. With an aim to extend beyond the regular curriculum, the program enables students to enhance their personal development and acquire new skills. Our CCA offers a wide variety of choices every weekday. Each activity is thoughtfully designed to cater to different aspects of students’ growth. Some activities are designed to emphasize nurturing social skills, sparking creativity, encouraging critical thinking, and honing individual interests and talents. Others focus on instilling character values and developing leadership abilities. As students grow, we encourage them to focus on one or two particular activities they are passionate about, to continuously develop their aspirations, and to pursue excellence in their CCA achievements.


    Chess Academy Kids Jazz Choir
    Little Foodies Yamaha Red Apple Course Kids Theatre
    Musical Theatre: Act, Sing and Dance Science Adventures Pre-Squash
    Putonghua Swimming STEM Mechanic Workshop
    Chinese Fun Art Wushu Tinytots Soccer
    Toddlers Art Tots Gymnastics  


  • Playgroup

    Playgroup is offered to children aged two to three a taste of the learning experience at The ISF Pre-School, with varied, age-appropriate activities that incorporate the core values of ISF, the Eight Virtues + One. There are three sessions over the year, each with a different focus.


    Session 1 Playgroup

    Weekly one-hour lessons on Saturday helping students experience school life at ISF. It includes storytelling, music and movement, and small group activities to develop language, social-emotional, and fine motor skills. For details, please click here to view the course poster.


    Session 2 Playgroup

    Weekly one-and-a-half-hour lessons on Saturday with a stronger emphasis on language development, social skills, as well as gross and fine motor development.


    Session 3 Playgroup (Summer Camp)

    This two-week camp, with lessons of three hours in duration, is especially designed to support children’s transition into Year One in August. An early exposure to our full program, a primarily Putonghua learning environment with our unique semi-structured routine, enhances students’ independence, social and communication skills, and ensures a smoother transition into Year One. 


      Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 (Summer Camp)
    Class Period September to January February to May Mid-June to Mid-July
    Application Period May November March
    Age Requirement

    *Dates listed above are subject to change


  • Summer Camp

    Weekly summer camps will be offered to both ISF students and non-ISF students of pre-school age in the summer.