• Co-Curricular Activities

    In addition to our theme-based program, students may participate optionally in co-curricular activities (CCA) on Saturdays, including Swimming, Wushu and Squash at the Academy.


  • Playgroup

    Playgroup is led by experienced ISF teachers, offering children aged two to three a taste of the learning experience at The ISF Pre-School, with varied, age-appropriate activities that incorporate the core values of ISF, the Eight Virtues + One. There are three sessions over the year, each with a different focus.

    Session 1 Playgroup

    Weekly one-hour lessons focusing on opportunities for children to experience school life, engage in storytelling and other large group activities and develop their fine motor skills.

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    Session 2 Playgroup

    Weekly one-and-a-half-hour lessons with a stronger emphasis on language development, social skills, as well as gross and fine motor development.


    Session 3 Playgroup (Summer Camp)

    This two-week camp, with lessons three hours in duration, is especially designed to support children’s transition into Year One in August. An early exposure to our full program, a primarily Putonghua learning environment with our unique semi-structure routine, enhances students’ independence, social and communication skills, and ensures a smoother transition into Year One.



  • Summer Camp

    Weekly summer camps will be offered to both ISF students and non-ISF students of pre-school age in the summer.

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