• Extending children’s learning in a vibrant, rich and caring learning environment that lays the foundation for later school success.

    • Chief Executive Officer​’s Message

      The Independent Schools Foundation Pre-School (The ISF Pre-School) is a unique, bilingual and bicultural learning institution for pre-school aged children in Hong Kong. Proudly independent, The ISF Pre-School offers a Chinese and English immersion education with a global perspective. Striking a balance between tradition and innovation, between China and the West, The ISF Pre-School hosts a vibrant, rich, and caring learning environment, where the power of experience to shape the future in these critically important formative years of childhood is well understood.

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      Dr. Malcolm Pritchard
      Chief Executive Officer​
    • Principal’s Welcome

      The Independent Schools Foundation (ISF) was established in 2000 as a registered charitable organization to provide diversity in choice of education for local students. In 2003, the Foundation established The ISF Academy, which caters for students from Foundation Year to Grade 12. The establishment of The ISF Pre-School in 2015 marks an important milestone for the ISF, extending its excellent educational services to the early years. The same vision and mission are shared throughout the Pre-School and the Academy, where the schools focus on the holistic development of young learners through experiential learning.

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      Ms. Tammy Tam
  • *News* 

    Applications for the Academic Year 2023-24

    Application deadline is Friday, September 30, 2022 for Year One, and Tuesday, December 20, 2022 for Year Two.

    Applications can be submitted on Friends of ISF

    ISF School Video

    ISF School Video (Cantonese)
    ISF School Video (English)
    ISF School Video (Putonghua)

    Virtual Tour of Pre-School

    Virtual School Tour (Cantonese)
    Virtual School Tour (English)
    Virtual School Tour (Putonghua)

  • Welcome to The ISF Pre-School

  • The ISF Pre-School is a non-profit, private early years educational institute established by The Independent Schools Foundation. It is a unique, Chinese-English bilingual and bicultural pre-school where there is a strong emphasis on the core values of the Eight Virtues + One. The Pre-School believes in establishing a community of young learners, dedicated educators and parents, where effective teaching and learning takes place in a supportive, nurturing environment based on mutual trust and respect. It is a place where young learners actively engage in first-hand experiences to construct knowledge and develop skills for a better understanding of the world in which they live.

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  • To register for an Admissions Event or to apply online, visit Friends of The ISF.

  • Our Program

    Learning Through Play
  • Class Structure

    Our program caters to young learners from two years and eight months to five years of age. Half-day sessions will only be offered in two year levels, Year One and Year Two. Our professional teaching team is highly experienced and qualified in early childhood education. Our favorable teacher-to-child ratio also helps ensure children’s learning needs are appropriately met.

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  • Curriculum

    The ISF Pre-School curriculum is developed on the basis of The International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) and The ISF Academy Foundation Year curriculum, drawing together the essence of Chinese and Western thinking. The program is delivered through two languages of instruction, with 70% in Putonghua and 30% in English. It provides a rich bank of experiences from which young children can learn to make sense of their own world and the world around them.

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    The ISF Pre-School
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