• PowerSchool is Coming!

  • Dear ISF Parents, Students, Teachers, and Staff,

    Parents will begin receiving their PowerSchool login details by email over the next 24 hours. Please check your ISF parent email. Once you receive your login details you can login to PowerSchool.

    Please use the link below.

    • The email sent to you has your login details (user name and password) and instructions on how to login.
    • PowerSchool parent logins are based on the eldest child enrolled in The ISF at the start of the 16/17 school year
    • Students can login using your ISF user account and password
    • Teachers & Staff can login using your ISF user account and password

    If you are looking for The Portal, you must login to PowerSchool to access The Portal.

    Login to Powerschool: https://powerschool.isf.edu.hk

    If you have questions about PowerSchool and what it can do, please visit the PowerSchool for Parents support website: click here.

    Sean Moran
    Head of Educational Technology


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